Can Bouldering Build Muscle

Can pursuing bouldering as a hobby help to build muscle and keep one in shape? Bouldering does not just tone up, it also builds strength and endurance in a person.

While muscles are important and critical, it’s important to remember the importance of strength in the bouldering equation. Therefore, women who want to succeed at bouldering have to be sure to train the target muscle groups that are used in climbing, such as finger strength, arm strength, shoulder strength, and core strength. One other unique pointer is that women tend to have stronger fingers than men, which definitely comes in handy when confronted with the tiny crimps often present on boulder problems.

Toning your body

Another great aspect of climbing are the physical benefits that bouldering can have for you. Bouldering is a great sport for women who are interested in toning their muscles and physique for a number of reasons. Against common belief, you do not need big muscles to climb, but in fact agility, balance, flexibility and a good core.
Bouldering requires you to train your muscles and maintain a healthy weight if you want to be successful. Your arms, abs, and butt will especially benefit from the training that bouldering entails.

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Additionally, if you boulder outside, you will have to hike out to the climbing area with your crash pad or climbing mat, and the extra cardio will definitely get you fitter and into shape quickly. Bouldering offers strength training and cardio activity to burn the excess calories. Hence, it’s sure to get you into excellent form and shape if you do it regularly and consistently over a period of time, that wearing any fitting bouldering pants or leggings look absolutely fantastic!

Overall Body Wellness

Aside from your muscle toning, climbing has a number of benefits for your overall wellness. In a study, it was shown that bouldering can help treat depression, suggesting that climbing has benefits not only for physical health but also mental health.
On top of that, bouldering outside means that you’ll be spending time in nature, and if you’re soaking up the sun you’ll be increasing your Vitamin D intake.

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And of course, climbing is an example of an exercise that increases endorphins, a hormone that is beneficial for your overall health and wellness. In general, bouldering will be beneficial to your health and mental wellbeing.

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