Can Anyone do Bouldering

The human physique is designed to climb

Every woman’s body is unique, but the great thing about climbing is that each body type has its benefits when it comes to the sport.
Climbing is a strength-to-weight ratio, and due to the fact that women or children are on average lighter than men, this can be a benefit to you do a sport that is upwards against gravity.

rock climbing girls doing outdoor routes

That being said, it’s important to remember the importance of strength in the equation. Therefore, women, men or children who want to succeed at bouldering have to be sure to train the target muscle groups that are used in climbing, such as finger strength, arm strength, shoulder strength, and core strength. One other unique pointer is that men tend to have stronger fingers than men, which definitely comes in handy when confronted with the tiny crimps often present on boulder problems.

Rock Climbing keeps you young and alive

This is no joking matter, it is true.

People who climb more over time seem to fight the ageing process better. Perhaps coz you are always excited to push your body, or smile more from taking a big fall or reaching the top, climbing is a great stress reliever, body toner and mental health booster. Just a few hours of intensive climbing and you already feel so satisfied that you are working those lazy muscles and feeling fitter by the moment. However, never get too complacent as climbing needs constant practise and regularity. If you climb profusely for a few weeks and stop for a month after, you will find that your body loses its muscle memory and you would have to retrain from scratch again to get back to the climbing grade you use to be able to attain much more easily.

Multi Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
Multi-Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Motivational Buddy Sport

As previously mentioned, bouldering is an exceptionally social sport. Therefore, it’s very common to find a climbing buddy that can help to motivate you and provide some friendly competition. Having friends when bouldering is crucial, given the importance in spotting.

Is Bouldering a good sport for women?

Additionally, it can be very helpful and enjoyable to share beta and climbing sequences with climbing friends. Try to find other women that climb relatively in the same grade range as you. That way, you can share projects and get motivated about sending together!

Meet new like-minded men and people

One of the best parts about climbing is the great people that you meet. Often times, climbers are great people who have not only similar interests but also similar values. Due to the fact that climbing is a sport that depends on nature, the environment is usually extremely important to climbers.

Multi Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
Multi-Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Additionally, having rock climbing in common with friends is usually enough to provide hours on end of conversation topics. It’s not uncommon for women to meet a romantic partner through climbing! As you can see, climbing is one of the best possible ways to meet people that have a common interest and common values. 

So remember to always feel and look your best while climbing in those rugged Columbia climbing pants or tank top, you never know who you will meet.

Is Bouldering a good sport for women?

In conclusion, climbing is a great sport for the every day man, woman or child regardless of your size. Aside from the mental and physical health benefits that it implies that a busy person requires, it’s an incredible way to meet people and build new friendships.

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