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Game of Thrones Hot spot – Dubrovnik the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Stunning overview of the captivating city of DubrovnikStunning overview of the captivating city of Dubrovnik
Stunning overview of the captivating city of Dubrovnik

Along the glorious coast of the Adriatic Sea lies the Croatian City of Dubrovnik. Although its population is less than 50,000 inhabitants, this city draws in more tourists than they can count. The historical part of this charming city has tourists gazing at stunning old palaces and a large Cathedral.

This year marks the 41th anniversary of Dubrovnik officially joining the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. It is no wonder the director and producers of Game of Thrones chose this city for filming its drama. That’s right, your eyes didn’t deceive you. You most certainly read that Game of Thrones had filming locations in Dubrovnik as well as other parts in Europe. So lets dig deeper into the highlights and charming aspects of this ”King’s Landing”, which we arrived here on Day 21 of our #50Days15Countries Balkans Road Trip. 

Beautiful sea vista with a special shot of Fort
LovrijenacBeautiful sea vista with a special shot of Fort
Beautiful sea vista with a special shot of Fort
Dubrovnik, Croatia | Game of Thrones Locations

Where is Dubrovnik located?

View of DubrovnikView of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is situated in the county of Dubrovnik-Neretva in Croatia. This city stands at an elevation of 10 ft and has a total mass area of 8.2 square miles. Sure, you might be thinking this is a small land mass, how can Game of Thrones be filmed there? Not to worry, there are plenty of filming locations throughout this city. This “walled in” city is one of the most beautiful cities along the Mediterranean Sea. Its seaport mimics that of Old-World cities such as Venice. If you are backpacking through Europe, you can catch a bus or train to this stunning city. There is an airport south of Dubrovnik that allows for travelers around the world to catch of glimpse of official Game of Thrones filming locations.

Mountain side view of DubrovnikMountain side view of Dubrovnik
Mountain side view of Dubrovnik

Perfect Place for Game of Thrones (GOT) fans

Old Town spots where locals and tourists hang outOld Town spots where locals and tourists hang out
Old Town spots where locals and tourists hang out

Alright, you are a huge Game of Thrones fan and you want to visit its filming locations.

You’re thinking of Ireland or Scotland, but they are too out of the way? But as soon as you see a map of Dubrovnik, you are bound to link tons of sites with spots in this tv drama series. Game of Thrones is able to link the real Old-World culture of Dubrovnik and bring its beauty to people all of the world, via television.

So what are we waiting for? Let me share with you a short one-day Dubrovnik itinerary and walkabout to the coolest filming locations of Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik.

1. St. Dominic Street

Heading up the staircase where King Robert's son was killedHeading up the staircase where King Robert's son was killed

Heading up the staircase where King Robert’s son was killed

So, do you remember the gruesome scene in Game of Thrones when one of King’s Roberts sons (illegitimate) is killed by Gold Cloaks? Well, if you do then you will notice that the famous staircase of St. Dominic’s street is the where it all went down! If you want to visit other Game of Thrones filming sites but have no idea where to go, then check out this Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik.

2. Lokrum Island

Sea and land view of the sparkling Lokrum IslandSea and land view of the sparkling Lokrum Island
Sea and land view of the sparkling Lokrum Island

This sparkling island surrounded by greenery, is also known as the city of Qarth in Game of Thrones. Although it is not physically attached to Dubronvik, a visit to this island is well worth it. Benedictine monastery is found on this island, as well as the famous Dead Sea lake. The monastery as well as other gardens on this island can be spotted in season 2 of the Game of Thrones when Targaryen pays Qarth a visit.  

Greenery surrounds the blue seaGreenery surrounds the blue sea
Greenery surrounds the blue sea

3. Blackwater Bay

Do you remember the famous battle that was held on Blackwater Bay? Well, there is a real-life pier in Dubrovnik that has a walkway straight to the sea. Blackwater Bay lies between the Old Town and Fort Lovrijenac. Game of Thrones fans will certainly remember scenes from the first season involving Shea and Sansa, as well as boat departures. How cool would it be to be in the exact spot as you favorite tv characters?

4. Fort Lovrijenac

Clear side view of Fort LovrijenacClear side view of Fort Lovrijenac
Clear side view of Fort Lovrijenac

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is known for its great views, amazing restaurants and hospitality. But one thing that Game of Thrones fans will recognize it for is being Red Keep in King’s Landing. One of the intense tournaments that was held on this graceful land occurs in Season 2, to honor King Joffrey. This fort is famous for hosting plays and festivals such as Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Its real power is that its grandeur size makes it impossible to miss as it blocks views from land and sea.  

5. Pile Gate

Overlooking the infamous "Walk of Shame" spotOverlooking the infamous "Walk of Shame" spot
Overlooking the infamous “Walk of Shame” spot

By entering the eastern part of Old Town, you will notice a stunning gate entrance over a bridge. This amazing entrance is used as Red Keep Gate and also when there was a riot in the streets in Game of Thrones. Cersei famously takes her walk of fame along this gate during the fifth season of this tv drama.  

Another popular spot for Game of Thrones Filming Locations – Ireland! Read more about it

Additional Things to do in Dubrovnik

Kayaking Adventure

Courageous jump into the Adriatic SeaCourageous jump into the Adriatic Sea
Courageous jump into the Adriatic Sea

To avoid an overload of the Game of Thrones locations, why not choose a full day of fun kayaking adventure?! There are plenty of kayaking adventures to choose from such as a sunset tour, a tour around Kolocep Island and a trip around the Trebizat River. If you really cannot handle being away from Game of Thrones filming spots, you can go on a 4.5-hour walking and sea kayak tour of Game of Thrones. You can get the best of both worlds with this type of tour, but make sure to bring extra cash because certain entrance fees are not included in this tour.  

Captivating vista in DubrovnikCaptivating vista in Dubrovnik
Captivating vista in Dubrovnik

Word to the Wise

Busy streets in the Old Town of DubrovnikBusy streets in the Old Town of Dubrovnik
Busy streets in the Old Town of Dubrovnik

If you want to escape to Dubrovnik for a quick weekend, don’t do it! This city is jam-packed with tourists and locals looking for a good time during the weekend. You will find yourself in long lines and the time will fly by too fast without getting much done. Due to the weather and vacation times, the peak season to visit Dubrovnik is the summer. This peak season also means lots of people and chaos. The best times to visit Dubrovnik and the Game of Thrones filming locations are September, October, April and May. The streets are less crowded, the weather is perfect and the views are memorable.  

Go for It

Touching a piece of historyTouching a piece of history
Touching a piece of history

Dubrovnik certainly has more to offer its tourists than just a Game of Thrones tour, but who would want to miss that opportunity? A tour around the streets of the “Walk of Shame” is the perfect way to embrace yourself in the Game of Thrones craze! While visiting Dubrovnik, it is important to review the real history behind each location to fully absorb the remarkableness of this city. You can go solo, with a friend, lover or family, but the point is you should go Dubrovnik. Take it from me, you won’t look at Game of Thrones the same again, it’ll be 100 times better!  

Some other stunning areas to check out nearby Croatia will include Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Slovenia.

Where is the best GOT spots to visit – Dubrovnik, Spain or Ireland?  

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