6 Island Destinations Reopening their Borders for Beach Holidays

Which islands are open for travel? Thats the question on many of our heads now.

Covid’19 has brought changes to many. Most of our lives were put to a halt, especially for the tourism industry. International borders were forced to shut down, no one was allowed to travel except vicariously from their homes.

Despite that, I am glad that we are all gradually getting back the momentum to our normal lives and adapting well to stay at home. With that, international borders are also slowly reopening their doors for leisure travel.

So…Which countries can I travel to right now to get a dose of island life?

Below are the lists of island destinations that are reopening their borders. So that you rekindle your wanderlust and plan for your upcoming getaway real soon!

Which islands are open for travel

1. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. On 4th June, it officially announced the opening of its borders to international travelers. Up to date, Saint Lucia has only 26 numbers of confirmed cases with zero number of deaths from the disease.

What Caribbean islands are open to us tourists?
What Caribbean islands are open to us tourists?

To enter, visitors must be tested negative from a PCR test within 7 days before arriving on the island. A PCR test is a type of Covid’19 test collected by a nasal swab and oral swab. Travelers are also required to complete a Pre-Arrival Registration Form before their arrival.

All travelers have to abide by the protocol. Wearing of masks and maintaining physical distancing is still required. Regular temperature screening will be done during their stay on the island.

Hotels must be certified with Covid’19 certification. This requires them to meet the criteria for sanitization, social distancing, and other types of protocols before they are allowed to reopen. This reassures travelers so that they can explore the island with ease.

So before you get too excited about this Caribbean island open for tourism, get more information on the St Lucia protocols here.

2. Antigua and Barbuda

Another popular destination and country open for tourism is none other than Antigua and Barbuda. They reopened their borders to international visitors on the 4th June. Before visiting the island, travelers must fill in a Traveler Accommodation Form and a health declaration form issued on their flight.

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Countries reopening borders – Antigua And Barbuda

It is important to comply with the guidelines listed in the country to ensure an enjoyable and fulfill trip.

Masks and social distancing will be in full effect on the island.

Due to the opening of the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda, travelers are not required to wear masks during beach activities. Yet, travelers will need to practice social distancing at all times to ensure the safety of everyone.

Upon arrival, travelers have to provide proof of stay at certified accommodation. The listed hotels in Antiqua have undergone inspection by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism.

3. Jamaica

Good news, another country reopening borders currently is the sunny island of Jamaica. Jamaica opened its borders to all international tourists on the 15th June. With strict protocols implemented by the government, Jamaica managed to keep the numbers relatively low.

Countries open for tourism
Countries open for tourism

All travelers must complete a Travel Authorisation Form before their trip. The Travel Authorisation is not required to book the flight. But travelers need them for check-ins and boarding. Without it, airlines will not allow passengers to board the flight.

Upon arriving, health screening and risk assessment will be done. Travelers from high risk states, who have presented a negative Covid’19 test result will still need to be tested. Get more information on the risk-bases testing and quarantine protocols.

4. Mexico

Popular Mexico destinations, Cancun, Sayulita and Playa Del Carmen opened for tourism on the 8th June. Mexico launched a “traffic light” guide to measure the number of Covid’19 cases in different regions. The color given for the region has to turn orange before they are allowed to resume tourism activities.

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Which islands are open for travel – Cancun Mexico

Both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen lights turn from red to orange, granting access to travelers.

Travelers entering Mexico are not required to take Covid’19 test and no quarantine periods are required.

Operations are kept at 30% capacity to allow for social distancing. Beaches are open for most resorts but to avoid disappointment, it will be best to contact the hotels directly.

Likewise, travelers are expected to practice physical distancing and mask up on public places. Officials in Cancun will be issuing fines for individuals who refuse to wear a mask.

Check out the protocols for safe traveling to the Mexican Caribbean.

5. Maldives

Maldives officially reopened its borders to travelers of all nationalities on 15th July.

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Travelers are not required to submit any Covid’19 test results and no quarantine measures are in place when traveled to the dream beach paradise of Maldives. However, they are required to complete a Health Declaration Form, 24 hours before their departure.

Upon arrival, officials will be conducting random testing at no cost.

Travelers are only allowed to book their entire stay in one facility unless they are transiting. They are also encouraged to install the contract tracing application “Trace Ekee”.

Sanitisation, wearing of masks and physical distancing will be mandatory in public places.

Maldives is one of the best destinations for honeymoon. Nevertheless, be sure to check out their guidelines and the list of resorts that are opening before planning your trip.

6. Anguilla

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. It has announced its reopening of borders on 21st August.

6 Island Destinations Reopening their Borders for Beach Holidays
6 Island Destinations Reopening their Borders for Beach Holidays

Travelers arriving at Anguilla need to provide a negative PCR test taken within 3 to 5 days before arrival date. Besides that, travel insurance covering Covid’19 medical costs will also be needed.

These pieces of information are mandatory for travelers when they are submitting the Visitor Application Form. An electronic travel authorization certificate will be issued through the emails when the application is successful.

Upon arrival, travelers need to present a hardcopy of the negative PCR test and undergo the test once again before entering the island. Accommodations to await the test results will be prearranged.

The use of masks and physical distancing is compulsory on Anguilla.

For more details of what to expect on Anguilla, do visit their official website.

Tips for Traveling During Covid’19

On the whole, with Covid’19 still in place, safety is the most important factor while traveling in this period.

Wearing a mask minimizes the chance of getting contracted with the virus. On top of that, remember to bring along extra masks as you will have to change them every 4 to 5 hours interval.

Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face. Disinfect frequently touched items like your phones, luggage and personal belongings.

As we all know, Covid’19 spread easily once with close contact with infected people. Hence, it is critical maintaining a six-feet distance which is around two arms’ length from others in public places.

Take care of yourself while having fun. Travel safely.

Covid19 Prevention

One lesson that this pandemic has taught us would be personal responsibility. We are all responsible for our own actions and only when we put in place all these measures, we can then win this battle.

With that, I hope you are excited about this list of top islands destinations and countries open for tourism. With more and more destinations opening up like Nantucket in USA and Bali in Indonesia, we can hopefully travel in peace again. Do check out WHO’s and CDC’s latest updates and tips for traveling before coming up with your travel plans.

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