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rock climbing pushes you physically and tests your endurance
Rock Climb Training

How Bouldering changed my body

Yes believe it or not, this sport beats many other sports cardio workouts you do hands down. Climbing is one of the fastest calorie-burning hobbies and transporting your body up the rock wall helps define your arms and learning to use…

Air conditioned kids friendly gym | UpWall Rock Climbing Gym and Downtown East
Rock Climb

Can Anyone do Bouldering

Rock climbing is a great sport for the everyday man, woman or child regardless of your size. Aside from the mental and physical health benefits that it implies that a person requires, it’s an incredible way to meet people…

rock climbing tones you up and strengthen you

Can Bouldering Build Muscle

Can pursuing bouldering as a hobby help to build muscle and keep one in shape? Bouldering does not just tone up, it also builds strength and endurance in a person.…