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Is Bouldering a good sport for women?

Rock climbing is a fun sport and hobby for ladies. There are great benefits of bouldering for women, from toning your body, better mental well being to confidence.

For many decades in the past, rock climbing was a sport dominated by men. Though there have always been strong rock climbers that are women, it isn’t until the recent years that the sport has seen a greater balance between the genders.

Benefits of bouldering for women

This is especially true in the discipline of bouldering.
Bouldering is a rather strength-dependent activity, so individuals with lower levels of strength may shy from trying it. However, bouldering is a great sport and even a potential exercise hobby for many women.
Check out some of the best reasons and benefits of bouldering for women, from toning your body, better mental well being to confidence.

Benefits of Bouldering for Women and Ladies

1: Women’s physique is designed to climb

Every woman’s body is unique, but the great thing about climbing is that each body type has its benefits when it comes to the sport.
Climbing is a strength-to-weight ratio, and due to the fact that women are on average lighter than men, this can be a benefit to you do a sport that is upwards against gravity.

rock climbing girls doing outdoor routes

That being said, it’s important to remember the importance of strength in the equation. Therefore, women who want to succeed at bouldering have to be sure to train the target muscle groups that are used in climbing, such as finger strength, arm strength, shoulder strength, and core strength. One other unique pointer is that women tend to have stronger fingers than men, which definitely comes in handy when confronted with the tiny crimps often present on boulder problems.

2. Toning your body

Another great aspect of climbing are the physical benefits that bouldering can have for you. Bouldering is a great sport for women who are interested in toning their muscles and physique for a number of reasons. Against common belief, you do not need big muscles to climb, but in fact agility, balance, flexibility and a good core.
Bouldering requires you to train your muscles and maintain a healthy weight if you want to be successful. Your arms, abs, and butt will especially benefit from the training that bouldering entails.

Picking your beginner set of rock climbing gear for indoor and outdoors | Lydia Yang Rock Climber

Additionally, if you boulder outside, you will have to hike out to the climbing area with your crash pad or climbing mat, and the extra cardio will definitely get you fitter and into shape quickly. Bouldering offers strength training and cardio activity to burn the excess calories. Hence, it’s sure to get you into excellent form and shape if you do it regularly and consistently over a period of time, that wearing any fitting bouldering pants or leggings look absolutely fantastic!

If you like to also train up balance, other complimenting sports are also yoga and slacklining.

3. Overall Body Wellness

Aside from your muscle toning, climbing has a number of benefits for your overall wellness. In a study, it was shown that bouldering can help treat depression, suggesting that climbing has benefits not only for physical health but also mental health.
On top of that, bouldering outside means that you’ll be spending time in nature, and if you’re soaking up the sun you’ll be increasing your Vitamin D intake.

Rock climbing and Bouldering Women who loves outdoor climbing in Yangshuo China.

And of course, climbing is an example of an exercise that increases endorphins, a hormone that is beneficial for your overall health and wellness. In general, bouldering will be beneficial to your health and mental wellbeing.

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4. Rock Climbing is Relational

Rock climbing, especially bouldering, is an exceptionally relational sport. Unlike running, swimming, gyming or other types of exercise, in which you may go alone or solo, climbing requires teamwork or pair work. When one is climbing, the other is belaying. In terms of bouldering, when one is attempting, another is spotting and watching.

Climbing Girls that loves adventure. Climbing at Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur
Rock Climbing Girls that loves adventure

It’s important to have friends to act as spotters when you’re bouldering, so you’ll definitely need to go outdoors bouldering to meet fellow climbers along the way. Bouldering is an extremely social activity and women generally like a good support/ motivational and social network when exercising. While you’re at the crag or bouldering gym, you’ll also be able to socialise and make new friends while examining a route together.
That’s what makes it more enjoyable.

5. Rock Climbing builds mental strength

Bouldering is one of those activities that requires plenty of mental strength. Boulder problems are short, often between only four and ten moves, and many times you won’t be able to perform the majority of those moves on your first try. Therefore, it requires lots of belief and determination to be a good boulderer. Bouldering can also be scary at times.

Rock climbing equipment outdoor climbing

Committing moves or scary top-outs can scare you away from trying a certain boulder problem. However, being able to keep your cool and overcome your fears will pay off in the end. Mental training activities such as meditation and visualization can be extremely helpful when bouldering, and gaining confidence in climbing. This can even help women to gain confidence in other aspects of life like work, relationships and self-improvement.

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6. Motivational Buddy Sport

As previously mentioned, bouldering is an exceptionally social sport. Therefore, it’s very common to find a climbing buddy that can help to motivate you and provide some friendly competition. Having friends when bouldering is crucial, given the importance in spotting.

Rock Climbing at Onsight

Additionally, it can be very helpful and enjoyable to share beta and climbing sequences with climbing friends. Try to find other women that climb relatively in the same grade range as you. That way, you can share projects and get motivated about sending together!

7. Meet new like-minded men and people

One of the best parts about climbing is the great people that you meet. Often times, climbers are great people who have not only similar interests but also similar values. Due to the fact that climbing is a sport that depends on nature, the environment is usually extremely important to climbers.

Multi Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur
Multi-Pitch Point at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Additionally, having rock climbing in common with friends is usually enough to provide hours on end of conversation topics. It’s not uncommon for women to meet a romantic partner through climbing! As you can see, climbing is one of the best possible ways to meet people that have a common interest and common values. 

So remember to always feel and look your best while climbing in those rugged Columbia climbing pants or tank top, you never know who you will meet.

IMG 5695

In conclusion, climbing is a great sport for the every day women, regardless of your size. Aside from the mental and physical health benefits that it implies that a busy lady requires, there are immense benefits of bouldering for women and it’s an incredible way to meet people and build new friendships.

Climbing and bouldering is gaining traction worldwide. With IFSC competitions and it is also coming up in the Olympics, so this sport is going to grow. If you are able to go beyond and putting together your climbing equipment and climbing shoes and start bouldering outdoors as well, it’s a great way to enjoy nature and connect to the great outdoors.

It’s great to see more and more strong women boulderers every day, and the community of female boulderers just keeps growing stronger and stronger. So what are you waiting for? Get into the community and see the benefits of bouldering for women like you and me today.

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Bouldering Women and Men

Questions and Answers

Who is the best female rock climber?

While many may hail Ashima Shiraishi, the Japanese youthful climber as the best female climber at the moment, one other female climber that is my favourite is Kim Jain from South Korea. She is petite in size but that doesn’t stop her winning the IFSC World Cup in the Leading Climbing Female Category.

Do girls like rock climbers?

The majority of ladies would admit that having a man with muscles is not a bad thing. Climbing helps build a lot of shoulder and arm, even more so for men, hence making one look more defined and toned. Hence, we can safely say that women who value fitness will definitely be inclined to men who embark on strength training sports like rock climbing and bouldering

Is Rock Climbing a good hobby for girls?

One cannot emphasize more why climbing or bouldering is a great hobby and sporty pastime for girls both young and old to pick up. It helps you lose weight, tone up your arms and tummy and feel better and more confident about yourself. You can then wear whatever snug climbing pants and tops you have without feeling too self-conscious it doesn’t look good.

What are you waiting for? Grab your bouldering shoes, grab some chalk, and get moving rock climbing girls!

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