7 Ways to go crazy with light sticks this season | Whitehorse Yukon

Go Crazy with Light Sticks | Whitehorse Yukon

While waiting patiently for the Aurora Borealis, playing with light sticks is one of the best activities to keep warm and entertained all night long!

WHITEHORSE, YUKON – Aurora spotting is a waiting game that requires a small amount of patience. So to keep one entertained and warm throughout the night, we indulged in forming beautiful pictures and artistic pictures with light sticks. The lovely dark winter setting really makes it perfect for the visuals to come out.

Here’s some amazing top suggestions these creative guests with Northern Tales Travel Service had that really blew me away.

7 Creative Visuals to Make with Light Sticks

Playing with light sticks in the cold winter night - Lydiascapes
Lydiascapes in Yukon
Bolt-ing in Yukon | Light sticks
#1 Bolt-ing in Yukon
Gingerbread man escaped to Cold Yukon
#2 Gingerbread man escaped to Yukon
Lightsticks in Yukon - I love to dance dance dance
#3 I love to dance dance dance
The evil one has visited Yukon
#4 The Evil one in Yukon
Angel meets Devil | Yukon Whitehorse
#5 Angel meets Devil
Husky love - Ride on Doggie
#6 Husky love – Ride On Doggie!
we are one in the bond of love
#7 We are one in the bond of love
Lydia signing off in Yukon!
Lydia signing off in Yukon!

So try these lovely tricks for yourself. To read about my Northern Nights Adventure in Whitehorse Yukon, click here.


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