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Top 5 Yoga Retreat Destinations in Asia

Yoga is extremely popular in this day an age for 1 simple reason – wellness.

I picked up yoga 6 years ago to help reduce my backache that was causing me distress from sitting at the office desk and using the laptop too much.

Dancer Pose Maldives

From the yoga classes and sessions I had, I found it very useful to stretch the tense muscles, reduce the neck and lower back strain from sitting upright at the office desk for many hours. It is also quite stress relieving after a hectic day of work. And of coz, physically, it is one exercise that helps you tone your body a lot.

So subsequently after the classes ended, I started doing it on my own, and mixed yoga stretches and moves into my warm up and warm down exercises routine before and after my weekly exercise of rock climbing ( which by now you should know it’s one of my favourite sports)

Climbers and Yoga

So here’s introducing some of the best places and destinations I have discovered around the world that is amazing for a good retreat for some quiet, peace, fresh air and…yoga.

Top 5 Yoga Retreat and Vacation Destinations in Asia to Visit

1. Ubud and Bali/ Indonesia

BALI – One of the first in Asia to attract flocks of travellers and yogis there to have an affordable retreat, relax and detox from the bustling city life. Its always a popular hotspot to revisit for a short getaway.

backward bend at kuta beach, Bali | Top 5 Yoga Retreat and Vacation Destinations in Asia to Visit
Backward bend at Kuta beach, Bali

Now it is getting so popular people are escaping into also another popular nearby place..Ubud.

Couldnt resist doing a yoga pose next to this pretty boat by the sand | Top 5 Yoga Retreat and Vacation Destinations in Asia to Visit
Couldn’t resist doing a yoga pose next to this pretty boat by the sand

Ubud is more peaceful than Bali, as it has less tourists, surrounded by lush padi fields, and you don’t have the crazy crowds along the Kuta beach and Semiyak that Bali has.

2. Magical Maldives

Yes, Maldives!

It is an expensive destination for a yoga retreat, but it sure is a lovely place for some immense peace and quiet in utter secluded beauty of the surroundings and marine life.

Head Stand in Maldives
Head Stand in Maldives

You get totally immersed in the destination, and I love how the sand is so fine and white, the waters so calm, turquoise and crystal clear, really creates a peaceful mode in the air when you do your sunrise and sunset yoga. You can book an exclusive and private overwater bungalow with the view of the ocean and have your own yoga workout undisrupted.

Yoga on our beautiful beaches | Yoga retreat in Maldives
Yoga on our beautiful beaches

Interesting fact: There are a lot of sand banks or private islands in Maldives that you can get a retreat to and have the entire island/ sand bank to yourself to do..freedom yoga. You can choose to interpret that however you like.

3. Calm Cambodia

Another place that many will escape to for a peaceful retreat. The country is full of religious influence and history, and quite affordable to stay in. Many yogis, hippies and even writers/poets go there to get some inspiration and inner peace.

Siem Reap and Phnom Penh is the most popular place in Cambodia that many flock to, though I heard the rising popular destination there is actually Kampot.

Yoga retreats and destinations | Best Yoga Poses
Yoga retreats and destinations

Discover the Best Yoga Poses to Attempt and learn for that perfect photo

4. In India

This is definitely the place to go if you want to seek out the origins of where yoga came from.

Sunrise yoga | Travel Yoga
Sunrise yoga

The country also has a lot of beautiful mountains that one can escape to for a Bird’s eye view of the surroundings. I have yet to have climbed one of these stunning mountains in India. I have heard so much about the tranquility one gets when high up in the clouds, eating clean, breathing the fresh air and sleeping well.

Dreaming already..

5. Krabi Islands, Thailand

Yoga on the rock in tioman | Travel Yoga
Yoga on the rock

The most amounts of chillax people are spotted right here in Krabi. I visited Railey Beach for some rock climbing and also found a lot of yogis and slackliners here.
I always love a good stretch after a long day of climbing, and you can actually even get a nice sunset view and a dash into the sea at Railey West.

So forget Bangkok and all the shopping, take some time out here in Krabi, also a rock climbing haven, and enjoy some incredible yoga.

Backward bend in Philippines Mount Ugo | yoga escape holiday destinations
Backward bend in Philippines Mount Ugo

So here concludes my best yoga escape holiday destinations I would recommend for yogis and people who would love a perfect destination to get some good peace/ fresh air and yoga poses. Travel, Yoga and more!

Hence concluding these lovely places to go for a Yoga retreat. When will you make yours happen?

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