Top 7 Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in Bangkok City | Thailand Rock Gyms

Top 7 Indoor Rock Climbing Boulder Gyms of Bangkok City

Welcome to the bustling city of Bangkok, where there is so much to engage your senses that it is hard to stay still for a minute, just like the traffic. With all these hecticness and glorious Thai food options, relaxing massages and endless night markets, how can one keep fit and healthy, and achieve work and wellness balance?

Top Calories Burner Exercise - Rock Climbing | What are the top Thailand Rock Gyms
Top Calories Burner Exercise – Rock Climbing | What are the top Thailand Rock Gyms

That’s where there is 1 very interesting sport that one can consider, growing steadily all these years. It’s expanding even faster across Asia after it made it to the World Olympics in Tokyo… indoor rock climbing and bouldering.

With the country opening up again after the pandemic, rock climbing and bouldering is back in full glory and picking up traction among the locals and travelers like me alike.

Bouldering compared to rock climbing, is climbing stripped down to the bare essentials. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses and using just climbing shoes and some chalk over thick safety mats, the challenge is to climb short but potentially tricky routes just high enough to be exciting, but not dangerous. Bouldering is one of the best and easiest ways to start climbing.

I visited some awesome rock climbing gyms in Bangkok City when I was based there for a couple of months, and really enjoyed it immensely, so wanted to share where you can check them out and get a really good full-body workout as well.

So here’s introducing to you some of the best rock climbing gyms and bouldering gyms in the capital city of Bangkok Thailand, for all beginners and climbing enthusiasts! It’s listed in no ranking order.

Top 7 Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in Bangkok (Bouldering)

1. F5 Climbing Centre

The newest gym in Bangkok to date! Featuring everything from caves to top-out walls, from overhangs to straight climbs, and route difficulties of all levels, you can find the challenge that’s perfect for you whether you’re a beginner or have been climbing for years.

F5 Climbing Centre Rock Climbing Gym Bangkok and Outdoor Courses

Most of the climbing done on-sight at the center is bouldering. One doesn’t need any experience to give it a try and the trained staff are always nearby to give pointers and tips. Plus FREE one-on-one training sessions are available to all members and one-day pass holders!

3 Plus-es++:

  • They also have a calisthenics park on the roof and offer free personal training to help climbers meet whatever their fitness goals may be
  • Members also gain free entry into any other training and classes that are conducted at the F5 Climbing Center
  • They host a variety of outdoor guided climbing trips for individuals and student school groups

F5 Climbing Centre, 28 Ramkhamhaeng 24 Alley 14, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240  Thailand

2. Scale the heights of Climb Central Bangkok

Climb Central | Rock Climbing Gyms in Bangkok
Climb Central | Rock Climbing Bangkok

Climb Central had its first indoor rock climbing outlet in Singapore Kallang Wave Mall, and got so successful at running 3 climbing gyms in Singapore that they have branched overseas in Bangkok, India, the Philippines and all over Asia

I love how open and spacious the gym feels, with its high industry ceilings and signature climb central orange theme. The gym is also air-conditioned and very well maintained and clean, making it perfect for people who want to bring their young kids or are new to climbing. Plenty of colorful routes and interesting types of rock climbing holds for you to climb to your heart’s content!

2 Plus-es ++ :

  • Nice cafe within the Gym
  • Very impressive overhang lead wall that I managed to try, and LOVED IT

1 Minus:

  • The location is slightly far out, so it’s better to GRAB there or drive.

10/4 Kallapraphruek Rd. Bangkae (889.26 mi) Bangkok, Thailand 10160

3. City Girl in Urban Playground Climbing

Urban Climb - Pose for the camera | Thailand Rock Gyms
Urban Climb – Pose for the camera | Thailand Rock Gyms

Urban Climb and Play!

Had loads of fun there with a bunch of friends. Its a nice gym with a cosy community and quite a wide range of visitors from locals to expats.

It has more than 700 sqm of climbing surface and offers a variety of types of rock climbing variations from top rope to lead climbing to belaying.

There are a few auto belay routes there, but generally it is important that you have a slight climbing experience to climb here and experience as many routes as possible. Remember that you need to get a belayer certified tag as well in this Thailand rock gym, but it shouldn’t take long if you come during a non peak period.
 8 Sukhumvit 49-9 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand 8.33 km

Visiting Malaysia? Then you might want to check out their 12 RockClimbing Gyms there!

Facing challenges going to the gym to climb?
Why not invest in a good hangboard or fingerboard for training at home?

4. Rock Domain Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Bangkok | Photo credited to Rock Domain Climbing Gym
Rock Climbing Bangkok | Photo credited to Rock Domain Climbing Gym
Welcome to the largest rock climbing gym in Thailand, as what others have mentioned. It is located in the Bangna area of Bangkok, with more than 1,100 square metres size with climbing up to 11 metres height.
Would love to visit here some day and see how big it is for myself:)
Teo Hong Building , 1780 Bangna-Trad road, Bangna, Bangkok, 10260 Thailand 14.7 km

5. Be a Pro at Pro Climber Thailand

Indoor rock climbing boulder | Photo credited to Pro Climber Climbing Gym
Indoor rock climbing boulder | Photo credited to Pro Climber Climbing Gym
I really love the name of this!
Not sure if I can say it is only filled with pros, or professionals, but it definitely attracts a wide range of
climbers from different backgrounds and commuting from different parts of Bangkok. A popular hangout for boulderers…
Proclimber, 325/1, Soi 11, Charansanitwong Rd, Watthapra, Bangkokyai (1,434.82 km)
10600 Bangkok, Thailand

6. Sports World at LadProa

This Thailand rock gym has 10m high climbing walls and surface with vertical and overhang climbing. Have yet to visit it myself, but perhaps one day!
 Imperial Department store, Bangkok, Thailand 6.53 km

7. Gravity Lab Bangkok

Priding themselves as being a gym that sets routes by ‘scientists’ who are the experts on grips and defying gravity in creative ways, Gravity lab Bangkok is one of the newer gyms that made their entrance into Bangkok City. they are located near Boromrajchonnanee Road.

The lab also has a team of coaches (or scientists; whichever works) who can customize and tailored programs specially for you. Drop them a note on their Facebook page to get more details, or if you would like to trial just a one-off, there are ways to purchase it via Class Pass or Klook.

Gravity Lab Bangkok, 149 Boromrajchonnanee Road, Arunamarin, Bangkoknoi Bangkok, Thailand

If this article about all the fun-filled indoor rock climbing gyms in Bangkok city is not enough, read up about all the other climbing gyms in all of Thailand here.

However before you embark into rock climbing, remember to always take safety seriously. Many seasoned climbers and boulderers have gotten injured from climbing due to carelessness or negligence, so always pay attention to the gym’s rules and safety measure.


If you are more into outdoor climbing and want to explore the surrounding of Thailand, its time to transit into natural rock climbing and outdoor climbing spots in Thailand.

Looking for recommendations of the Best Climbing Gear and Brands to go for?
Check out my personal picks.

Top Natural Rock Climbing Spots in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Krabi, and More)

Thailand is considered by many to be the rock climber’s paradise in Southeast Asia. Here are some can’t miss spots for anyone planning a climbing trip to this gorgeous country!

Welcome to paradise!

Chiang Mai Climbing

Located in the north, Chiang Mai is perhaps the best area for single-pitch sport climbing in Thailand. You can fly directly into Chiang Mai from certain key cities like Bangkok/ Singapore, and the island’s best climbing sectors are just a short scooter or bus ride away from the city center.

Gorgeous rock like this is endless in Chiang Mai.

1. Crazy Horse Buttress

Just about 25 miles north of Chiang Mai you will find Crazy Horse Buttress, the most popular climbing area in Chiang Mai. It has got around 150 limestone sport routes, mainly beginner/intermediate grades, and offers a wide variety of climbing styles. Though Chiang Mai is just a short trip away from Crazy Horse, you could stay at Jira Homestay if you’re looking to stay in closer proximity to the crag.

You should note that Crazy Horse was experiencing some closures, so get in contact with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures before planning your trip if you’re really set on climbing there. They also offer gear rental options, private guiding, and the ability to purchase the Crazy Horse guide online and download it onto your phone.

2. Aircon Wall

Aircon Wall is located just a short walk from Crazy Horse Buttress. Though not quite as large as Crazy Horse Buttress, you’ll find some steep, short, and powerful routes if that’s more your style. Plus all of the routes are in the shade and have a cold breeze coming out from the cave, offering you some cool down and refuge if you find yourself baking in the sun on a hot, humid day. Hence the name of the wall – Aircon Cave. Though you won’t find nearly as many routes as at Crazy Horse, Aircon Wall’s close proximity gives you the option to just hop on over and take a peek to see if it strikes your fancy.

What a perfect place to cool off after some hard climbing.

3. Chiang Dao

Located about an hour and a half from Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao is a relatively new crag being developed by Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures. Though much smaller than the crags previously listed (it only has about a dozen routes), it’s a gorgeous, less crowded area that can offer some high-quality rock that has less crowds and traffic.

Always wanting to improve your performance with a new set of climbing shoes? Check out my personal favorites and reviews on them.

Krabi Island Climbing

If you’re looking for some time on the beach for an incredible swim after a long day climbing, then head south to the island of Krabi for some of the most spectacular climbing landscapes you’ve ever experienced. Here you will find the famous Ton Sai Beach, the site of oceanside stalactite sport-climbing routes of your wildest climbing dreams, along with other gems that Thailand has to offer. If you’re looking to take a course while you’re in the area, offers a wide variety of options for climbers of all abilities.

Krabi truly is the stuff of dreams.

1. Railay Beach

On an isolated peninsula of the island, Railay Beach is a sport-climber’s paradise. With hundreds of routes to offer, you could spend a great part of your trip here and never get bored. The limestone cliffs offer not only high-quality rock but also incredible views of the surrounding sea. The Thaiwand and 123 walls are popular areas, offering routes all the way from beginner routes (F5 grades) to expert (F8 grades).

You can get to Thaiwand wall from Phra Nang beach by going through this super cool cave and abseiling out onto Thaiwand wall from an opening. Remember to prepare proper walking shoes, headlamps and an abseiling device to be able to get out and down the cave easily. It’s also important to have a rope so that you can abseil down!

Phra Nang Beach is also a very popular crag in the area, offering a greater percentage of harder routes for the more experienced climbers. Considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the peninsula, you will find a lot more tourists here compared to all other parts of the island. Here, you’ll be enjoying a lot of nice soft sand and clear waters (more than just the climbing) if you choose to head to this crag. Just be sure to watch out for monkeys, and don’t be surprised if they try to steal from you!

Also, be mindful of the tides of the water as if you visit it at the high tide, be prepared to get yourself wet from the thigh or knees down when you try to get across from the climbing area to the Thaiwand wall cave.

An interesting fact about Phra Nang beach is this really interesting relic temple filled with wooden ‘penises’ that attracts tons of tourists over.

The perfect limestone is never-ending.

2. Ton Sai Bay

Located just north of the Railay crags you will find the Ton Sai Bay, which is perhaps exactly what you imagine when you picture climbing in Thailand. With hundreds of routes, from F5c to F8c, virtually every climber will find their paradise at Ton Sai Bay. Perhaps most famous for its physical stalactite climbing, this area is sure to get your pump on. To get to the crag, you’ll have to take a boat from Ao Nang, but it’s certainly worth it.

Fire Wall, Ton Sai Wall & Roof and Dum’s Kitchen are perhaps the most popular crags in Ton Sai, but be aware that due to the popularity of the area, easy and famous routes are sure to be crowded, especially in high season (November-April). Basecamp Tonsai and The Rock Shop Tonsai both offer guided climbing excursions, gear rental, and crag info, so depending on your needs you’ll be covered!

Once again, be mindful of the tides of the day and you can actually get across to Railey Beach from Tonsai as well.

Beach and climbing-who says you can't have both?!

Khao Yoi Rock Climbing

Less popular and known like the hotspots of Railey in Krabi and Chiang Mai, but this cave area is perfect for sport climbing from beginners all the way to advance. There are gyms like F5 Climbing Centre that provides guided tours here.

This destination and Khao Iko is the nearest climbing crags from Bangkok city so its the best options for people base in Bangkok who want to try out outdoor rock climbing.

Khao Iko Rock Climbing

If you would like to try out multi-pitching for the 1st time but do not have the chance to head over to Railey, this is the best place to be. Get it planned by a climbing gym or school if you do not have experience doing it.

Alternatively to multi pitch, cave climbing just like Khao Yoi is a popular choice here.

Other Great Rock Climbing Options in Thailand

1. Deep Water Soloing

Previously mentioned Railay and Ton Sai don’t just offer pristine sport climbing, but also deep water soloing, though not publicly allowed anymore, so you need to do more research when you are there! The five main areas for deep water soloing in Thailand, according to Andaman Adventures, are Railay/Ao Nang, Koh Hong, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Lao Liang and Koh Phi Phi. You should be aware that deep water soloing certainly presents more risks than sport climbing. You have to be aware of the tides, where the water is deep enough to climb, and how to access the rock. That’s why it’s definitely best to hire an experienced guide, such as Basecamp Tonsai, to take you out and show you the (lack of) ropes.

If deep water soloing is really your thing, you can purchase this guidebook so you know exactly what types of routes you’re getting on. Thailand has got endless potential for deep water soloing development, so new routes are being put up constantly. Just be aware that deep water soloing is a risky sport, even more so than sport climbing, so you should have some climbing experience under your belt before venturing up the wall without a rope. However, deep water soloing can be an incredibly exhilarating and memorable experience-if you dare to try it!

Imagine scaling up those cliffs!

Deep water solo will get your nice favorite climbing shoes wet!
PRO TIP: Bring an extra old pair or borrow a pair from the climbing shops!

2. Multi-Pitch Routes

Thailand also has an impressive arsenal of multi-pitch routes to offer, most of which are bolted, with some reaching over 200 meters in height! Some notable climbs being The Ninth Life, Hart of Darkness, Candlestick, Ao Nang Tower, and Humanity, trying a multi-pitch in Thailand could be a nice change of pace. Rock and Sun offers up to 10-day guided trips if you’d like someone to take care of all of the planning for you, but adding in some multi-pitch climbing is sure to perfect an already incredible climbing vacation.

Are you considering climbing in Thailand? Which areas most interests you?

Thailand rock climbing gyms

If you want to go beyond and do an overseas adventure travel aka climbing trip, then the top climbing destinations in Asia will be your next article to read. Enjoyyy….


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