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Is Rock Climbing a good date idea?

Bring your hot date bouldering or climbing - is that a good idea? Here are 6 tips on why rock climbing is a good date idea.

First dates can be a bit stressful. You’re getting to know someone new of the opposite gender, and you don’t know if you will have much in common or have enough to talk about.

Is Rock Climbing a good date idea

Fortunately, rock climbing is a date option that gives you plenty of activity, ensuring that you’ll never be bored or experience an awkward silence. Read on to find out all of the pros and cons to a rock climbing date.

1. Rock Climbing Date Pros

Rock climbing is an excellent date, whether or not you yourself are a rock climber. It is an activity that keeps you busy all day long, so it can help to avoid any lulls in activity or conversation.

Pros of Rock Climbing Dates for Climbers

If you are a climber, rock climbing is of course a great date idea. Given that it is an environment with which you are familiar, going rock climbing can help to ease your pre-date nerves. Additionally, it is a great way to see if a potential partner shares the same hobbies and passions as you.

Pros of Rock Climbing Dates for Climbers

There is no better way to feel comfortable around someone than having something in common, and if you go on a rock climbing date with another climber, you will automatically have something to talk about. You can share climbing stories, workout tips and techniquees as well, always giving you a topic of conversation.

Why Rock Climbing Dates Are Good Even For Non-Climbers

Even if you or your date doesn’t already climb, going on a bouldering or rock climbing date can still be a great idea. First off, it is a fun and adventurous activity for a weekday night or full day during the weekend, something that will help to loosen you up and feel more relaxed.

Why Rock Climbing Dates Are Good Even For Non-Climbers

We are also often more spontaneous when learning something new, so if it is your first time trying rock climbing, you may feel exhilarated, making the date night more exciting. It is also a great excuse to try something you’ve never done before, especially if you’ve been wanting to try rock climbing for a while. Even if the date didn’t work out, at least you had plenty of fun and a great workout.

2. Cons of Bringing Your Date Rock Climbing

As a climber, unfortunately, you do run the risk of facing some problems if you decide to bring your date rock climbing. This is especially so if they are not very sporty or have never climbed before. Though it is a sport enjoyed by many, there are quite a few people that do not like rock climbing after the first experience, especially if they are afraid of heights, dirt or even have a past injury.

Cons of Bringing Your Date Rock Climbing
Warm up on an easy auto belay routes in rock domain climbing gym Bangkok

If your date has a fear of heights, rock climbing may in fact be very challenging and scary for them. It will cause them to feel very self conscious and might result in some ackward moments, hence this is not the date vibe that you are looking for.

Additionally, though the risk is small, rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport, and it is possible for you or your date to get injured while rock climbing or bouldering if you have a bad landing on the crash pad. Again, this would certainly put a damper on the day, though it could also serve as a funny story in the future if he/ she still wants to contact you;).

3. On That Note…Is Bouldering a Good Date Idea Compared to Rock Climbing?

While we have specifically been talking about rock climbing, bouldering can also be a great date option.

It is perhaps even more appropriate compared to rock climbing for novice climbers or people who have never tried the sport, as you won’t have to worry about as much of a fear of heights getting in the way.

What is the difference between bouldering and rock climbing? Read more about it here.

Another plus to bouldering instead of rock climbing on a date is the fact that you’ll have more opportunities to chat with your date. Whereas in rock climbing someone is always climbing up the high wall while the other is belaying, bouldering tends to be a much more social activity, which will allow you to talk to your date much more and get to know them better than when top rope rock climbing.

4. What Do You Wear to a Rock Climbing Date?

Because rock climbing is not your typical dinner or coffee date, it may be a challenge finding just the right outfit to wear to the climbing gym. Of course, you will want to wear comfortable, for example athletic workout clothing , but that doesn’t mean that you have to forego a fashionable outfit.

What Do You Wear to a Rock Climbing Date

What to wear for ladies

For girls, you can pick a cute athletic outfit, such as leggings and a tank top or sports shirt. You’ll want to make sure that you are wearing stretchy, comfortable bottoms, as rock climbing often requires flexibility.

What to wear for men

For guys, you can wear a breathable t-shirt and some athletic shorts or stretchable pants from Prana or Columbia, depending on the weather ( Strongly recommend long pants versus shorts, as you do not want your date looking you in the wrong way while belaying you). Additionally, be sure to pack according to the weather, and don’t forget to throw in a thermal shirt or a warm water-resistant jacket if it is going to be cold.

Change of clothing after a climbing date

Lastly, consider bringing a towel and some change or outfit that is appropriate for a casual dinner or drinks. You never know, the date may go so well that both of you want to go grab a burger and beer after! Climbing definitely

5. Rock Climbing Date Etiquette

Going rock climbing for a date is much different than going out for a drink or taking a walk around the park, and while you may not have to worry about holding the door open for someone or picking up the bill, there are still certain etiquette guidelines that you should follow.

Rock Climbing Date Etiquette

If you are a rock climber but your date has never climbed, be sure to have plenty of patience with them, as they may be scared or confused about what exactly to do their first time. Also be sure to pick an easy route for them ( rainbow in fact), as you don’t want them to become discouraged right at the beginning of the date.

In general, you should always offer to let your date climb first, and tie the figure of 8 knot safety knot for them before they kickstart climbing. Don’t just jump on your project and expect them to belay you, but rather let them pick the climb that they want to try. You should also encourage your date, always motivating them on their climb. This will show them that you are a supportive and enthusiastic person, which is certainly a positive characteristic in a potential partner.

Leaning how to tie the figure of 8 knot in your level 1 certification

Lastly, remember to suggest to do some warming up and warming down moves, so that they do not suffer from severe body aches the next day. A first-time climber usually tend to overstrain their arms and shoulders, so do anything to alleviate their discomfort.

Alternatively, if you would like to try outdoor bouldering or climbing instead of a gym climbing, then you can also hire a rock climbing instructor to bring you to some of these stunning outdoor crags. However, remember that outdoor climbing might have more unexpected turn of events like bad weather or your date not liking outdoor climbing due to it being too scary or difficult.

6. Benefits of Dating a Rock Climber

If you are going on a rock climbing date, chances are that one of you are a rock climber or quite an adventurous person. In fact, there are a plethora of benefits to dating a rock climber. First off, climbers tend to be very disciplined and determined, something that is an important trait to look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, they are athletic and value a healthy lifestyle, another positive characteristic.

Additionally, dating a rock climber will ensure that you will always have a climbing buddy and someone to belay you in the long run if you decide to pursue climbing as a long term sport. You can motivate each other on projects and take awesome photos of each other at the outdoor climbing crag. On top of that, you can meet each others’ climbing buddies, expanding your network of friends and potential climbing partners.

Finally, dating a climber gives you the opportunity to go on rock climbing holidays together. There are endless climbing destinations that are perfect for a couple, especially when you pair your climbing trip with a tropical beach or beautiful mountain getaway. Going on a climbing trip with your boyfriend or girlfriend can also take away some of the stress that intense climbing situations, like rough weather conditions or sleeping on a portaledge hundreds of meters up, can present.

So what are you waiting for? The next time you have a date to plan, suggest rock climbing. It is a great way to get to know someone, potentially your next romantic and climbing partner, and even if the date doesn’t go well, at least you got a few routes in!

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