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Guide to Planning a Luxurious Cruise to the Galapagos Islands

Dreaming of going to Galapagos islands? Look no further and start planning your trip with this guide.

Planning an exotic trip is exciting! The mere idea of going on a romantic cruise charges couples up and adds thrill to their life, especially when it is a break from a busy work schedule and escaping to a remote place and immersing in the beauty of this world.

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Going on a luxurious cruise in and around Galapagos is indeed an experience of a lifetime. With luxury cruises experiences on a rise to countries like Iceland, Jamaica, and more, Galapagos is definitely one to eye next. This part of the world is also called the enchanted islands, as they are located far away from other land masses. It contains diverse habitats that house a range of unique flora and fauna, such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and flightless cormorants, found nowhere else in the world.

Therefore this luxury cruise lets couples enjoy each other’s company and provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire these magnificent islands. There is surely no better way of spending time together than exploring the endemic flora and fauna of a distant place without being interfered with by human interaction.

If you are planning to enjoy a romantic trip with your significant other, here is how to begin:

1. Everything is Arranged for You

There is a team of people who will help you will your all-inclusive cruise planning. It’s great for people who don’t have enough time to think about the various aspects of a trip. The team members will take the pain to plan your trip exclusively for you and your needs. 

The Galapagos is a remote place where human interaction is minimal, so hitches are bound to happen. Issues like the following are sometimes inevitable when traveling to Galapagos:

  • Backup power supply to charge your phone to keep in touch with others
  • Bringing appropriate clothes in case you travel during the wet season
  • Unavailability of ATMs so you need to take out cash from the major cities
  • Not having appropriate technical gear like a flashlight, adaptor for plugs, etc.

Thus, you need to ensure you’re well informed about the possible hitches so you can be as prepared as possible and avoid any headaches coming your way!

Alongside this, if this is your first trip, you may not be well aware of all the aspects you should consider while planning it. This is why the team management plans everything for you to make sure your trip is not ruined by a small mistake.

Trip Logistics

Galapagos cruises are a unique experience to explore these remote islands and get truly immersed in the culturally-rich destinations. Depending on the cruise company you choose to take you to Galapagos, you’ll enjoy certain benefits.

The cruise will take care of:

  • Informing you about the visa requirements and the needed documents to apply for one if needed
  • Whether you need to be vaccinated or not before entering Galapagos
  • Informing you about the travel insurance and assisting with any paperwork
  • The flights from and to Galapagos
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa
  • The hotel stay during the entire journey
  • Included activities and trip excursions to neighboring islands
  • Guided tours
  • Finding suitable local or company guides for the excursions
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport
  • Safely arriving home

Amenities Included

The Galapagos cruise is fully equipped with floating hostels, luxury catamarans, and yachts of various categories that can take tourists to the best locations like Wolf Island or Darwin Island. The amenities include a spacious living room, ample dining room or possibilities for indoor and outdoor dining, a lounge, library, gym, hot tubs, sundeck, a bar, dedicated bi-lingual guides, etc.

The amenities that are included in a particular cruise trip depend on the cruise company, so make sure to do your research and book a trip that fits your preferences.

What you need to do is choose the itinerary, which may vary between $9500 and $18000, depending on whether you choose the East Galapagos Expedition or the West Galapagos Expedition alone or both, and let the rest to the management.

The crucial difference between the East Galapagos Expedition and the West Galapagos Expedition is in the way how these expeditions are performed and brought closer to the tourists. Since the Eastern Islands are rich in vegetation and lush greenery, most of the landed tours and guided excursions are organized as walking tours on the pristine beaches, snorkeling activities with marine life like sea lions and turtles, and immersing within the beauty of the landscapes.

galapagos sea lion

The West Galapagos Expedition offers more of an adventure-type journey where tourists can explore the geologically interesting islands, hike the breathtaking trails and conquer difficult peaks.
From making the bookings of the Galapagos islands tours to ensuring you are served just the right kind of food, everything is done by well-trained staff. This way, you won’t have to worry about what happens next! Rather, you can enjoy each other’s company in the most carefree manner possible.

2. Explore The Islands Together

The cruise allows you to explore the distant islands together. The best time to be a part of this cruise is from December to May. During this period, you will be able to explore the unique aspects of the Galapagos islands, which will enthrall you. 

First, the cruise will anchor next to one of the islands; then, you will get off the ship and take an overland tour with the guide, where you will see the blue-footed boobies and the giant tortoise, among other species; your guide will show you the wildlife and ensure you will enjoy the scenery.

The best part about being on a luxury Galapagos cruise is that you can retreat to your cozy cabin at the end of your day to share stories of what you discovered. While sitting on the boat, you can enjoy the beautiful water of the ocean, which is so crystal clear that you can see the turtles swimming in it.

3. Enjoying The Downpour Together

You would be amazed how many couples like visiting Galapagos during the rainy season. This luxurious cruise makes the experience worthwhile if you go cruising when the place is prone to rainfall. The islands are less crowded during this time, which can make for a more enjoyable and peaceful experience. The rainy season is also the breeding season for many of the island’s unique animal species, making for some excellent wildlife viewing and photography opportunities. 

The moments between the rainfall will let you enjoy the calm ocean water. Once it starts raining, you will witness a completely different side of the place. 

Cruising in the rain is completely safe and worth your while. What’s better than enjoying the rain pouring while sitting next to your favorite person on a yacht? 

And if you decide to visit Galapagos during the rainy season, make sure to go prepared and have the following precautions in mind:

  • Bring proper rain gear like waterproof clothes like a jacket or a coat
  • Bring comfortable and waterproof footwear
  • Take an insect repellent
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Stock up on necessities like food and medicines in case of an extended period of time outdoors
  • Take your vitamins
  • Inform yourself of the forecast for the next couple of days and then decide whether you’ll go on a field trip, a trip to a remote island, or an island-hopping tour

4. Experience New Things Together

The idea of a romantic trip shouldn’t only be all about the intimate moments. Rather, you should be able to experience new things together. A luxury Galapagos cruise allows you to enjoy scuba diving and interact with the wildlife. 

snorkelling in clear water 1

Exploring marine life during the trip is one of the most memorable things. During the mid-season, ocean water is filled with freely moving water animals. Prepare yourself to be astonished by the unique and incredibly-looking marine life spotted in the Galapagos waters, like:

  • Grunt fishes
  • King angelfish
  • Marine iguana
  • Sea lions
  • Barberfishes
  • Yellowfin surgeonfishes
  • Parrot fishes
  • Guinea Fowl Puffer
  • Blacknosed butterflyfish
  • Sea turtles
  • Sharks (hammerhead shark, whale shark, white-tipped reef shark)
  • Manta rays

The cruise takes special measures to entertain anyone who wants to enjoy this experience. The instructors take couples to places underwater where the availability of marine animals is the most diverse.

Ready For This Dream Experience?

Taking a trip to a far-off place where you are not constantly interrupted by social interaction while you can enjoy amenities is a dream come true! The luxury Galapagos cruise is surely a way to create memories of a lifetime with your loved one. Galapagos is a country that is under risk of being badly affected by many external factors, so we need to treasure and appreciate it as much as we can. 

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