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Vacations to Take Alone – Top 11 Destinations for Solo Travel in 2024

Always wanted to give solo travel a shot? Then here's a list of 7 best destinations for vacations to take alone...extremely enjoyably.

Intrepid travel is growing, in immense numbers…

Intrepid Travel definition – a lack of fear in dealing with something new or unknown. This adjective comes from the Latin word ‘intrepidus’.

With a growing millennial generation with more and more young people stepping out of their comfort zones in search of work fulfillment, freedom and new experiences in life and travel, we see a surge in solo travelers, in specific female gender in the past years.

travelling alone | Solo female traveller

So with this growing trend, how many destinations are ready to embrace these individual solo travelers who crave excitement, comfort and new experiences in destinations that are known for danger and uncertainty.

Not to worry, this year, am putting together a list of best places I have been that I find is absolutely perfect for solo travelers or those traveling alone in some segment of their holidays/ work trips. If you have never tried solo travel before, maybe this can be your 1st step to see if you like it?

11 Best Recommended Destinations for Vacations to take alone

1. Soulful Seoul, Republic of South Korea

Seoul is always one of the cheaper places I will recommend someone who is doing solo travel who is budget conscious.

Having been there many times in different seasons and with different demographics of people, I think it is one of the most affordable cities and good places to travel by yourself that are catered to a huge variety of interests, from walking through the streets of korean products, having a nice bibimbap, visiting the kpop centre to going for a hike to Namsan tower.

I have friends who have also cycled through Taiwan solo and are making another cycling trip to Korea for the same experience. Looks like it is also a place that caters to solo cyclists.

2. Time for Tokyo, Japan’s pride

Fresh Winter Air in Japan Nagano | Places to travel by yourself
Fresh Winter Air in Japan Nagano

A bucket list destination for many asians and westerners alike, this exotic country is really a solo travel paradise, given it embraces solo and personal space a lot.

I came here with a bunch of skiing friends to check out the slopes of Shiga Kogen, but the last 2 days in Tokyo, I pretty much explored it on my own, did my first couch surfing and air bnb, and it was completely safe and enjoyable. Just be prepared to encounter a bit of language barrier which can get a little challenging as a solo traveller.

Other than that, its really safe, fascinating and a perfect destination for a solo female traveller.

Should you be grounded in Singapore at the moment and unable to travel, here are some great ideas shared by Emily on how to have a mini Japan staycation and Japanese themed holiday in Singapore.

3. Singapore Sightseeing? And yes that’s it, we are both country & city

Of coz, I definitely will recommend my own homeground. It is really an amazing place to visit, and meet new people. Becoz its such a bustling city that many transit here for a couple of days, staying in a hostel will get you to meet many similar solo travellers who want to check out the night life of Singapore, visit some outdoor nature sights or eat some local food.

Singapore sightseeing can include visiting Clarke Quay for some party life, Sentosa for some rollercoasters and beach, and not to forget our spectacular skyline at the marina bay waterfront. The best trip to take alone given you will find a lot of other backpackers and solo travellers coming here.

4. Down it all at Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher | Day Tours in Ireland from Dublin with Get Your Guide | Intrepid Travel solo female traveller
The Cliffs of Moher | Day Tours in Ireland from Dublin | Intrepid Travel

One of my most recent trips with some solo days there, Dublin is a lovely city to chill and immerse in. I didn’t meet that many solo travellers here compared to some of the other countries I have been, but maybe I wasn’t specifically looking out to make friends, as I had plenty of work to catch up on when I was there.

But Dublin is full of spirit! Figuratively and literally. The irish pubs, irish dancing and music and food, they are all just so authentic, rich and immersive! Really one of the few Irish cities I have been that has a good balance between culture, food and tradition.

If you want to get out of the city, do what I did and join one of the Game of Thrones or Cliffs of Moher tours which I did on my own and never regretted! Ever!

Solo Travel? As much as I believe its good to travel solo once a while, I am still not a fan. Read why here.

5. Loving London, United Kingdom

Another best vacation to take alone will be to..

Oh yes, London, who can forget that! A must-go for every solo traveller looking to go around UK. This city truly encapsulate the spirit of UK, and there is so much to keep a person travelling alone busy. From the amazing architectural buildings, to the grand parks to cycle, to the scones, shopping and broadway musicals. Its just overwhelmingly entertaining and mesmerizing to be in.

6. Visit Vancouver, Canada

Travelling alone on the Canadian Rail in Canada from Vancouver to Edmonton | Intrepid Travel
Travelling alone on the Canadian Rail in Canada from Vancouver to Edmonton

Oh Vancouver, such good memories.

One of the places I spend some time here on my own and made the most new friends! This place is such a lovely and peaceful destination to visit on your own. Please please go during fall ( Aug – Oct), as the entire city and all its little islands are covered in stunning colours of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown.

The hostels here are filled with such a varied range of travelers, and I made so many lovely friends from France, Australia, Belgium and more! Things you must do here is eat plenty of shuck a buck oysters, basically 1 buck per oyster.

Also, go do loads of hiking at Grouse Mountain, Whistler, Vancouver Island. One of my best experiences here is my 27 hour train ride to Edmonton, the best scenic ride I have taken in my life till date, and Canada is almost another very safe and one of the best place to travel by yourself as a solo female traveller.

7. Solo Travel at last but not least – Lisbon, Portugal

Vacations to take alone - Lisbon Portugal should be one of them | Solo Female Traveller
Vacations to take alone – Lisbon Portugal should be one of them | Solo Female Traveller

Yes, last but not least..Lisbon. Its a bustling little city in Portugal with so much to offer.

Eat a lot of yummy Portuguese egg tarts, visit Pink Street, do a tour at Sintra Castle. Meet friends at some of the best hostels we stayed at.

When I was there, we joined Wild Walkers free walking tour or fado music paid tour, which I would strongly recommend you to do if you want to know more about the dramatic history of Portugal, their romance, wars and men. Fado music I heard is a must-experience, but we, unfortunately, didn’t have much time for that.

8. Some 4 special mentions:

  1. Best of Tunisia
  2. Free in Florida
  3. Magical Mexico
  4. Tuscany Italy

So considering travelling alone for the 1st time this 2020? As the famous travel inspiration quotes goes “With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.” – Sandra Lake. Go out and learn about yourself and what’s around you.

Here’s concludes my top 11 places for vacations to take alone, especially useful for solo female traveller, or business trip travellers who have some spare time in between.


Top Vacation Destinations for Solo Travellers | Best place to travel by yourself
Top Vacation Destinations for Solo Travellers

Want more? –> Intrepid Travel is the new trend. Are you ready for some adventurous holidays??

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Lydia Yang

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  1. Thanks for sharing these places.
    I will also add one more place and I think you should also write about it. Because this place is beautiful due to its red sand dune and also famous due to its adventure. This place is Desert Safari Dubai. If you are a solo traveller and want to take some real adventure without any disturbance and want to memorize some attractive places then, you should visit this place.

    • Thanks Usman for sharing. Yes, once we can all go travelling again, I need to experience some sand dunes!

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