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Top 9 Best Destinations for a Bachelorette Getaway!

The key to great experiences is always the company, tied in with a great location and atmosphere. This is especially key in the case of … a bachelorette celebration party.

Bachelorette party in planning | Best Bachelorette Destinations with girlfriends
Best Bachelorette Destinations with girlfriends

In the past, Bachelorette parties are a one-day affair with great fun ( usually at a happening bar)  with loads of booze, great props for the bride to be. However, these days with the likes of movies like The Hangover and Bridesmaids, bachelorette parties are going beyond the shores to incredible exotic places to celebrate and unwind.

Best Girl Trip Vacations - Where are they? | Best bachelorette destinations
Best Girl Trip Vacations – Where are they?

So if you are one of those looking for that awesome party with your girlfriends, here’s the shortlist of best bachelorette destinations for a legendary trip and party:

The Party Lover Bride-to-be

Not all perceive partying in the same sense, but if your idea of a good time consists of parties, a fair deal of drinking and letting loose for one night, then you will find your perfect spot among the many party destination options below.

Click here to discover these places on map for YOUR ideal bachelorette party!

1. Maya Riviera Mexico

Of course, we’ve all heard of the classic Las Vegas or Ibiza parties, but if you want your party to be truly special and to avoid the cliche all the brides seem to be doing, Playa del Carmen is an awesome alternative. 

Cenote Jardín del Edén, Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico | top bachelorette destinations
Cenote Jardín del Edén, Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico

Once considered a no man’s land, the Yucatan Peninsula has turned into a true Mecca of fun and luxury, with hundreds of resorts, good food and awesome parties.

You get a bit of everything here – breathtaking views of the turquoise waters that hide the second biggest coral reef of the world and beach time during the day with your girlfriends. In the evening, dress up for an awesome night, cool mexican restaurants, and day trips all around. If you are feeling adventurous, contact a local agency for a day trip to visit some of the local best-kept cenote caves.

2. Happy in Hawaii

Hawaii is most likely the best destination to reinvent the bachelorette party concept. You have mountains, palm beaches and different islands with their own traditions to incorporate into your party concept. If you have an outgoing personality and your idea of fun are massive parties, you can find a lot of beach bars that can fulfil your every need, with cool gatherings in Honolulu’s Chinatown to festivals in Lanai City. Be sure to time your trip to the one Sunday per month when the seaside Kailua Village’s main street turns into the pedestrian-only party zone.

Beach life in Hawaii | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations
Beach life in Hawaii | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations

But if you’re up for a more local experience, you have plenty of authentic local experience tours to choose from that will give you a deeper connection to sacred Hawaii.

3. Costa Rica

Based on the party squad, you can opt for a more sporty bachelorette destination in Costa Rica. If your definition of a good time comes with a rush of adrenaline each time, then this place has it all for you. From rafting, zip-lining, off-road drives to nature walk and fishing. And don’t worry, the nights can be as fun-filled as your days, with plenty of beach bars. Playa del Coco is one of those places that comes to life at night with beach bar, events, casinos that will make your trip a memorable one.

Best Girl Vacations to Take - Visit Costa Rica
Best Girl Vacations to Take – Visit Costa Rica

4. Go Crazy in Bangkok, Thailand

There’s so much that can be said about Bangkok. We all have heard the stories about Thailand’s capital of fun and diversity. Just a walk at night on the streets will give you the impression that you’ve stepped into another world, a more decadent and open to everything world.

Sukhumvit Street is the place to find your accommodation in order for you to be closest to the best nightlife you’ve experienced. From parties on the top floors that give you stunning view to underground clubs and friendly thai locals that talk to you on the street, offering you different ”things” and services. You will for sure be left with a great memory. This is the place to leave your inhibitions behind, at least for one night.

If partying and drinking all night is not your kind of thing, you can also consider having a fun night out rock climbing with your buddies. Sweat it out and have loads of fun and laughter ( and get in shape too!)

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

From the capital of parties to a tropical paradise, Puerto Rico is the place for pampering and suntans.

Puerto Rico, San Juan | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations
Puerto Rico, San Juan | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations

Of course, locals have thought of everything. Relaxation during the day and partying like a pro during the night. San Juan is an excellent place for entertainment, with a great variety of casinos, clubs, and bars and on top of all, the Puerto Rico Party bus. Yes, they’ve created a special bus that takes you to the hottest party spots in the town so you won’t miss anything.

The PLAY-ful Bride

We’ve talked about the hottest places for a party, but should those not be your cup of tea, that’s perfectly fine. In that case, how about a fairytale and fun-filled weekend with your girlfriends and buddies? This might be the perfect fun filled and magical option for your bachelorette party.

6. Disneyworld (Orlando) or Disneyland (Paris)

Who wouldn’t want a bachelorette outing in the happiest place on earth? The last return to childhood before diving deep into married life with a lot of responsibilities.

Champaign fountain, Disneyland | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations
Champaign fountain, Disneyland | Top Hen Parties Holiday Destinations

And Disneyworld or Disneyland give you just this – a day or two of connection with your best friends inside the friendly gates of this Magic Kingdom with all your favorite childhood characters running around. Don’t worry, the rides here are so diverse that you won’t miss out on some classic adrenaline rush and the pictures, as well as the memories, will make you forget that there’s a no booze policy. Well, not quite, there’s an exception in Orlando, in the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Beast’s Castle and it is actually renowned for their wine list. All you need to do is book it well in advance.

The Fashionista Bride

If your idea of a perfect getaway includes indulging yourself immensely – spas, getting your nails done and a lot of shopping, then these 3 destinations might be your perfect starting point for organizing your getaway.

7. New York City

The Big Apple has more secret gems than what the travel guides show, so start planning and be prepared for the exploration. And I am not only talking about sightseeing, but also about the best places for all the fashionistas out there. It is called the greatest shopping destination for a good reason.

Famous department stores, chic boutiques, and even outlets are waiting to be explored. Be sure to end the day with a ‘Manhattan’ in one of the hundreds of hip bars the city has to offer.

Breathtaking view over New York | Hen Party Top Destinations
Breathtaking view over New York | Hen Party Top Destinations

8.  Make it big in Barcelona, Spain

This city has all the ingredients for an unforgettable city break with the girls. Best experienced via a road trip if you are up for it! Beaches and sun for most of the year, shopping for as long as your feet will handle from la Rambla to Avinguda Diagonal and even a Museum of Sex.

After a day filled with color and sun, set off on a culinary tour to procure that bachelorette party food everyone is dying to try – paella restaurants, tapas bars, and amazing local wines. If by this time you are not exhausted and overwhelmed with the culture of the city, put your new shoes to use on the dancefloors of one of the many clubs. They don’t call the Spanish “Sangre Caliente” (hot blooded) for nothing.

Best Girls Trip Vacations - Panoramic view of Barcelona
Best Girls Trip Vacations – Panoramic view of Barcelona

9. Idyllic Istanbul

Another great destination – Istanbul is a great bazaar of entertainment.

Start your “girls only” getaway with a visit to the Princes’ Islands, a chain of nine small islands in the Marmara Sea that can be reached easily by ferry. There is a lot to be seen here and you might even consider getting accommodation in order to see the small chic streets with Victorian cottages without the crowds of tourists.

Back to the mainland, you can let yourself get lost in the great variety of tukrish bazaars filled with colors, shop displays that shine of gold, amazing smells of condiments and of course, the traditional turkish delights and sweets. It will be a feast for all your senses. Just be mindful of the useful safety travel tips and take necessary precautions such that you do not get into trouble.

Turkey is one of my favourite countries, so if you have a bit of time, I recommend you check out the entire Aegean Sea Coastal Route.

Istanbul at sunset
Istanbul at sunset

Beach Babe Bride – Sun kissed before Big Day

10. Longing for Langkawi

St Regis Langkawi | Hen Party Top Destinations
St Regis Langkawi | Hen Party Top Destinations

Langkawi – a lovely idyllic island in Malaysia great for beautiful resorts, rich forestry and amazing malaysian delicacies and food. It attracts plenty of couples and friends trips here for a relaxing indulgence by the beach and exploring the city.

11. Back to Bali

A hidden sanctuary in the secluded corner of the St Regis Bali pool. Away from the hustle and bustle.
A hidden sanctuary in the secluded corner of the St Regis Bali pool. Away from the hustle and bustle.

Last but not least, one of the top bachelorette destinations for parties among the girls..and even boys – Bali.

Bali is a hot favourite destination for a balance of beach, surfing, feasting, party and sightseeing.

Lazy morning with macaroons, truffles and tea at St Regis Bali | Hen Party Ideas
Lazy morning with macaroons, truffles and tea | Hen Party Ideas

Plenty of indulgence and relaxing time with friends in a super luxurious beach resort, and if you get bored, you can go crash some waves on a surfboard or enjoy really great food and night life in Seminyak, Kuta Beach and more.

Each bride and girl group dynamics is unique and I am sure that no matter which place you choose, the bride squad will have a great time. The friends you are with will, for sure, influence and make your time there as memorable as possible, but why not take some time researching your options for the best bachelorette destinations.

best destinations for bachelorette party and celebrations
all girls getaway destinations | top bachelorette destinations

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