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8 Reasons on the Importance of Travelling

Do you love to travel?
Around the world, the prevailing wisdom has stated that travel expands one’s horizons. Going to new places and experiencing new things always allows one to have an appreciation for where they come from, and how different things are in other parts of the world.

Do you love travelling around the world?

Moreover, travel will enable one to appreciate the ubiquitousness of humanity across different cultures. A journey has allowed me to see the world and experience things from a new perspective.

1. Getting New Purpose

Lifehack says that travel can help you find what you want in life. It’s a bold claim to make, but in reality, travel allows you to experience things that you may never have had the chance to in your city or town.

Getting New Purpose

Sometimes the things you experience resonate deep within you, driving your purpose to make something happen. We as individuals might not be able to change the entire world, but travel gives us meaning enough so that we can affect a small part of it positively.

2. Loving Home More

Love to travel makes you love home more.
Whether you’re traveling on the night train across Canada or travelling with a friend, at the end of it all, we all come home.

Photo was taken at Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia.

Being absent from your home gives you a different experience every time you set foot into it. You might not be there as often as others at their abode, but that makes you love every single thing about it more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

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3. Learning About The World

There’s only so much you can experience trapped on a couch and watching a nature documentary or reading a geography book. Travel is a better teacher than any book could.

Learning About The World

The world is an expansive place that encompasses hundreds of nations and thousands of cultures. Some of those nations and cultures need to be experienced to appreciate them genuinely. Everything else sells the entire thing short.

4. Appreciating Humanity

Human beings are spread far and wide across the globe, from the tallest tops of the mountains to the deepest valleys and down to the sea. But there’s one thing that links all of us, regardless of how we look, and that’s our humanity.

Tea plantations at nuwara eliya

The Royal Society notes in a paper that culture is the quintessence of human nature since it spreads across all of humanity in different forms. To truly appreciate humankind, we must see it as it is across all the places it has spread.

5. Socializing Across Borders

The importance of traveling in life or just as a pastime is that it allows you to be social and to meet people that you would never have met otherwise. Whether you’re staying at an inexpensive hostel or doing a tour in the city, there will always be people that are fun and exciting to talk to.

travelling changes our mindset, attitude & appreciation of life.

What you learn from these experiences is to appreciate that everyone has a different way to see the world. Hearing stories from other places told from the perspective of a native of that place helps you to understand the world through their eyes and how it differs from your own worldview.

6. Epic and Breathtaking Moments

These sneak up on you and surprise you when you least expect them to happen. They are, however, one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences that could happen to a world traveler. They are incredibly personal encounters that make you think about yourself as a human and realize the smallness that you are while appreciating the grandness of nature around you.

Travel to Change your Mindset and Attitude about Life | Travelling Benefits

Even if you’re not a spiritual person, these experiences happen and makes you wonder if there is a bigger being out there who created this world. Sometimes they occur overlooking a thousand-foot precipice, and other time when you’re standing with your toes buried in the sand. The surprise is part of the experience, and it usually leaves you awestruck. Wow, creation is incredible.

7. Seeing Life as a Gift

Being trapped in a routine can suck the life out of someone and make them appreciate living a lot less. Traveling gives you back that zest for life, and that need to keep living. The anticipation of those transcendental moments coupled with all the people who you haven’t met and whose stories you haven’t told are all part of fueling that desire.

Everest Base Camp Weather in May and June
Everest Base Camp Weather in May and June

The need to be alive is strong in travelers, and even in people who don’t travel often, the anticipation of their next journey is enough to make them enjoy life. Being alive is never as apparent as when you’re trekking through strange lands.

8. To Boldly Go

Living in one place all your life is comfortable and excessively safe. However, in most humans, the need to explore lies deep within our psyches, a tiger that paces around in its cage. We shouldn’t be afraid to let the tiger out into the wild, because as we do, it becomes less restless.

Venturing out past what we know into the great unknown is scary, but at the same time, it’s exhilarating. For those of us who travel, we don’t see villages and towns and nations anymore. We just see the combined beauty of humanity.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your bucketlist and see how you can take your first steps to explore a new dream country.

Can travel help you better understand yourself and society? Well, here are 8 reasons why travelling changes our mindset, attitude & appreciation of life.

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